Even before the Diocese of Boise chose to have an accreditation process for its schools, since the 1980s, St. Mary’s has received accreditation recognition by the State of Idaho.

In 2005, St. Mary’s applied for and earned the distinguished national Blue Ribbon Award, given by the Federal Department of Education to recognize schools that demonstrates exemplary high performance within its student body. St. Mary’s is one of only 24 Idaho schools that has received this award.

In 2006, the Diocese of Boise had its schools engage in an accreditation process, Western Catholic Education Accreditation, which accredits schools throughout the Western region of the US. St. Mary’s has been through the process twice and each time has been awarded the highest-available (6-year) accreditation. Schools must be worthy of the trust placed in them to provide high-quality learning opportunities and clearly demonstrate continual self-improvement.