Weekly Newsletter, September 16, 2019

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Sister’s highlights:

  • information about individual Photo Day on Tuesday, September 17 and all school photo on Wednesday, September 18
  • information about the upcoming Jog-a-thon on October 11—there are flyers attached (pledge sheet, information sheet about the Jog and a sample letter that could be sent via email to obtain pledges
  • “thank you” to so many volunteers doing so many wonderful things in the school
  • request of those families who attend St. Mary’s Church to consider doing the hospitality ministry once a month as a family.
  • St Augustine’s Parish Oktoberfest! September 21, 3pm-9pm.

Student Learning Expectations

St. Mary’s Parish School Rules are simple in that they revolve around three concepts: being respectful, responsible and using one’s resources to helping others (resourcefulness).

  • Each student will be respectful. Some ways students will show respectfulness are
  • Following the rules of the school.
  • Obeying guideline regarding inside/outside behaviors.
  • Respecting school property of school, other students and one’s own.
  • Showing kindness and caring in actions and words to all members of the school community
  • Using good manners at all times.
  • Listening well and not interrupting conversations of others.
  • Each student will be responsible. Some ways students will demonstrate being responsible are
  • Being punctual for school.
  • Having assignments done on time.
  • Following school safety procedures at all times.
  • Accepting consequences for one’s behavior and choices.
  • Each student will be willing to use one’s resourcefulness (i.e. one’s gifts). Some ways students will show their resourcefulness are:
  • When dealing with challenging situations in the classroom, s/he will use one’s gifts to build classroom community.
  • When trying to solve “problems” they will use multiple approaches.


The Three R’s of St. Mary’s Parish School
The rules that lead and light our school begin with letter R
They lead our faith, our work, our life you’ll know us from afar.
Respect’s the word that leads the way we’re courteous, patient, polite
It helps us all to get along and always know what’s right.

Responsibility shows and grows our work’s on time and neat
We’re prepared, and homework’s always done we learn and never cheat.

, the final rule we serve and help each other
Our gifts will build community and show Jesus is our brother.

The rules that lead and light our school begin with letter R
They lead our faith, our work, our life you’ll know us from afar.

Open House

Come and visit your parish school!  This coming week on March 21st at 5:30 p.m., St. Mary’s School has its annual Open House.  In addition to an excellent academic program, our parish Catholic school features Religion Classes, Service Activities,  Spanish, PE, robotics, and an award-winning music program.  Our school exists as a vital part of our parish’s ministry to support families in the total education of their children. Its goal is to encourage and challenge our students to grow tangibly in their relationship with God, as they strive to be life-long learners.  We encourage our students to endeavor to achieve their highest personal and academic potential.

It’s Catholic Schools Week!

Monday: wear pajamas and Reading day

Tuesday: Role Model day (no dressing up)

Wednesday: Spirit day, wear your red or blue team colors (instead of uniform). Math Bowl at 10am, Mass at 9:00am

Thursday: Retro day, we’ll give you a shirt to wear from the past. Don’t forget your $ for the bake sale at lunch, and Family Feud (teachers vs. students) at 2:00

Friday: Movie day and dress like twins