St. Mary’s Parish School Philosophy: Why do we, in Idaho, have Catholic schools?

“Idaho Catholic Schools are part of the teaching ministry of the Roman Catholic Church and has been from almost the time the church began.”

“We integrate religious truth and values with life. Through education, we seek to prepare students to proclaim the Good News, to translate it to action, and to transform themselves and society with God's help.” (Adapted from the United States Bishops’ document To Teach as Jesus Did, pg. 29, #105).

We at St. Mary's Parish School strive to create a Christian educational environment that is conducive to the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic growth of each student. To reach their full potential as Christians in community, it is our intent, as an educational community, to empower our students through a challenging curriculum, and in a Catholic environment.

Statement of Non-Discriminatory Policy:

  • In accordance with Christian principles, St. Mary’s Parish School recruits and admits students of any race, color, sex or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities.
  • Catholic education on the Palouse was established in 1908 to help Catholic families of Moscow and the surrounding area in the full and total education of their children. St. Mary’s is open to families other than Catholic on the basis values match and space availability.

Mission Statement for St. Mary's Parish and its Parish School: “To Grow Disciples of Christ”

  • St. Mary’s Parish’s Mission Statement "is to extend the Kingdom of God through our church community by growing in faith, love and service".
  • St. Mary’s Parish School exists as a vital part of the parish's ministry to support families in the total education of their children. Its goal is to encourage and challenge our students to grow tangibly in their relationship with God, as they strive to be life-long learners. We encourage our students to endeavor to achieve their highest personal and academic potential.
  • Our school serves as an evangelization arm for the parish. In working with students, with parents and community, we encourage and support families to live their faith fully.

The Vision We Have for each student:
Imagine your child...
Increasing in respectfulness, resourcefulness and responsibility
Focusing on God's loving presence
Being guided by devoted and professional teachers
Being equipped to excel and growing in confidence
Becoming dream makers and world changers….
Changing the world…