School Advisory Board

St. Mary’s Parish School Board is an advisory board that acts in a consultative capacity to the pastor and principal. In other words, advisory means the Board Members do not make policy and are not responsible for policies or actions of the school, but do offer advice, ideas, input, etc., to the pastor and principal who do make policy and have legal and fiduciary responsibility. The board assists with activities and fundraisers in the support of the school. Advisory board members have limited liability. This differs from the public school boards of our surrounding communities.

Members 2018-2019

  • Heidi Armstrong
  • John Bieker
  • Deana Gilmore
  • Erin Linskey
  • Dianna Spellman
  • Murray Stanton
  • Stacey Thornycroft

Ex-Officio Members:

Fr. Joe McDonald882-4813 (office)father@stmarysparishmoscow.orgPastor
Dr. Jennifer Beller (Principal)882-2121(school)jbeller@stmarysmoscow.comAdministrative Team Member
Peggy Quesnell (Vice-Principal)882-2121(school)Grade2@stmarysmoscow.comAdministrative Team Member
Sister Margaret Johnson, osu301-0293 (208)sisterm@stmarysmoscow.comAdministrative Team Member
Rasheen Acree/Kathy Burton882-2121(school)bizmanager@stmarysmoscow.comCo-Business Managers
(School Board information is also sent to Superintendent of Catholic Schools and to St. Mary’s Foundation Board Chair)