School Advisory Board

St. Mary’s Parish School Board is an advisory board that acts in a consultative capacity to the pastor and principal. St. Mary’s School Board Members do not make policy and are not responsible for policies or actions of the school. Rather, their responsibility is to offer advice, ideas, input, to the pastor and principal regarding the school, its fundraisers and other activities that supports the school. For a more detailed description of St. Mary’s Parish School Board check with the school’s Family Handbook. For current list of School Board members contact the school office at 208-882-2121.

School Board Charter

School Board List of Members

Board Member

John Bieker

Julia Polito

**Tom Ristine

**Loren Jeglum

Natalie Johnson

Kevin Kirchner

Don Panko

Michelle Kahler

Ellie Helbling

Jonathan Billing

Term Ends

2021 (ex-officio past president till June 2022)










** Serving a former School Board member’s term ending 2022.

Board Member has the option of renewal to a two- or three-years term at the end of 2022.

Ex-officio (non-voting members)

Father Joseph McDonald III (Pastor)

Sister Margaret Johnson, osu (Interim Principal)

Mrs. Peggy Quesnell (Vice-Principal)

Rasheen Acree and Kathy Burton (Business Managers)